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Re: Brainwashing, etc.

Nov 25, 1997 09:21 AM
by Vincent Beall

Mark A. Foster wrote:
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> At 04:40 AM 11/25/97 -0500,  Nicole Suter wrote:
> >That's a very interesting topic you mention here. I think a bit different
> >about brainwashing. To me it means the reorientation of a person
> >through psychical and physical pressure. It's the pressure, that matters
> >the most.
> Nicole and others,
> The following web page gives a good summary on this subject. It is a bit
> dated, however. For instance, it uncritically mentions hypnosis which has
> been shown not to be an effective tool for anything (including dredging up
> memories and alleviation of compulsive behavior patterns) other than relief
> from pain:
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I had attended a lecture at the University of Maryland given by a Dr.
Moyle who claimed to have worked for many years with government agencies
developing the use of hypnosis for the purpose of getting subjects to do
things against their will. He claimed that they had achieved complete
success in their experiments, but I don't think there are any published
results to be found. He had also remaked that torture has been refined
to the point that anyone can be made to confess. 

This maybe rather grim to think about, but I do think he may be
reporting the truth about these issues. Certainly there are stranger
things to be known.


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