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Seeing Mahatmas

Nov 26, 1997 07:12 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Paul: "According to Cayce, probably we all have, but didn't
recognize them."

Spontanously the above sentence reminds me to a tibetian
priest who used to work for Rotary International as I did
approx. 14 years ago and with whom I often shared very
interesting discussions. There were other tibetian priests
also working for RI but they were kind of different. It's
hard to explain with words, kind of more "false earthy
kings" (it's not meant to value them, it's just how I feel
about it).


I immensly dislike everything fanatic!

"Think of us as simple men like yourselves, perhaps a little wiser
as the result of special study, and the problem will be solved."
You've seen that, haven't you?"

No, I have not seen that and thank you for writing it.


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