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Sleep before 12.00 Midnight

Nov 26, 1997 06:17 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I just got my copy of Alice Leighton Cleather's book "HPB As I Knew Her".
Alice was one of those twelve who were the members of the original Inner
Group HPB formed. In the book, she writes:

<paraindent><param>left</param>"She (HPB) made me stay the night many a
time, [after attending the Blavatsky Lodge Meetings] and sleep on the
bed-sofa in her sitting room (the inner drawing room), close to the door
leading into her tiny bedroom, and up against one of its walls. How often
did I try to remain awake all night, feeling convinced that I should
"see" much. But No, when midnight approached sleep became imperative, and
I always had to succumb; never could I keep myself awake   after
midnight, and HPB would never explain why; though, later, she told us
once that "Master goes His "rounds" at midnight," which threw some light
on the reason of my enforced sleep at that hour. She was then referring
to the students of the newly-formed ES, who had practically pledged
themselves to Him, and was emphasizing the necessity for all of to be "in
bed and asleep before midnight." Another thing she once said, I remember,
was that *one* hour's sleep before midnight was worth four after it;
owing to some magnetic change which takes place in the earth as midnight
sweeps round its surface."



Has anyone seen any other reference in HPB's writings about the pros and
cons of sleeping before midnight?


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