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Re: Practical Brotherhood(/Sisterhood/Siblinghood)

Nov 23, 1997 01:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:52 PM 11/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>After reading instances like the above, I am more and more convinced of the
>>soundness and fundamental need to remind ourselves that practical
>>brotherhood/sisterhood is a very key proposition and is key to the survival
>>of Theosophical Movement over a century.
>Yes! I have often thought that our First Object may be one of the most
>revolutionary statements made in the last century ... and looking at the
>world as it is now, with "race, religion and creed" being at the root of
>such an immense amount of discord and suffering on earth, it seems perhaps
>even more relevent today. I wonder, sometimes, what would have happened,
>what the world would look like today, if the Theosophical Society, instead
>of devolving into small groups of people studying esoterica, had become
>sucessful and reached the full fruition of what the founders intended. -JRC 

I think the founders were fully aware of the uphill task they have at hand.
It is a very hard task to change the ingrained prejudices and beliefs of
masses of human beings and that was why the First Object talked about the
nucleus in the hope that the nucleus -- you and me and others interested in
Theosophy will slowly but surely broadcast the msg by our actions in our
daily lives.

I think the founders saw some successes. At least in India, Mahatma Gandhi
and the Nehrus were influenced by Theosophists and many of the later
politicians were also affected by "theosophical" influence. For example one
of the recent Presidents was a student of Krishnamurti School in Rishi
Valley. Rest of the world, many in the fields of arts and entertainment were
influenced in subtle ways by "theosophical" ideas even though they may not
have formally joined any organizations.

What all this points out is that there is a lot of practical uphill work is
ahead and it is going to be the task and opportunity for some of us to
recognize them and give our best TRY. Any amount of esoterica, while may be
glamorous in the New Age, is not going to help. Any one who thinks that all
the practice of mental gymnastics is going to help them or the world, IMHO,
is going in the wrong direction and any amount of correction is not going to
cut it since the fundamental direction itself is going the wrong way.

My 0.02


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