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A Collection of Images

Nov 23, 1997 11:05 AM
by Mark Kusek

Hi all,

In light of some of the recent art related threads, I spent a few hours
yesterday scanning and uploading some images that may be of interest to
people on the list. They represent just a small fraction of a collection
I've built up over the years.

I've organized them into four folders:

1. Charts.
These are images that relate to the teachings on the occult anatomy of
Man, from a few theosophically related traditions.(I have lots more of

2. I_AM.
Here you'll find a funky little group of pictures from the 1930's that
were sold through the I AM Movement. Masters, Angels, Meditation and
Decree Focii, etc.

An assortment of images of a few of the Adepts, Cosmic Beings, etc. from
the Esoteric Pantheon. (I have lots more of these, too.)

4. Visualizations.
Miscellaneous theosophically related images for creating and working
with thoughtforms.

Check them out if you like.

I have a lot, lot more. A good part of my collection is made up of the
diagrams and illustrations that have been given to help articulate the
more abstract teachings. I also have lots of pictures from different
esoteric traditions, both East and West. Let me know if anyone is
interested, and I'll continue to post them (I have a 25mb server
partition, so I can get quite a few up there). If anybody has specific
requests or is looking for something in particular, let me know, I just
might have it around my studio somewhere.

Have fun,
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