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Practical Brotherhood(/Sisterhood/Siblinghood)

Nov 23, 1997 09:25 AM
by M K Ramadoss

While reviewing the inventory of the audio/video and other archives at KFA,
I discovered that when Jiddu Krishnamurti visited my city - San Antonio, TX
in 1932 he had a couple of public lectures. What struck me was that he
addressed persons of Hispanic origin in a separate meeting. In those days of
segregation, it was against law to have gatherings and lectures allow them
along with the whites. Same thing happened in Birmingham, AL where he
addressed the colored people in a separate meeting.

The organizers of these meetings were Theosophists and it is very clear that
they wanted all segments of the population benefit by the lectures. Again it
is a very heartening example of the application of the principle of

After reading instances like the above, I am more and more convinced of the
soundness and fundamental need to remind ourselves that practical
brotherhood/sisterhood is a very key proposition and is key to the survival
of Theosophical Movement over a century.


PS: I reviews the newspaper reports of K's visit to San Antonio, and in none
of them the fact he addressed the Hispanics was mentioned.

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