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Re: Chaos is very civilized

Nov 21, 1997 03:05 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-21 15:31:17 EST, you write:

> The tone was
>of friendly openness without condemnation or snobbishness.  If someone had
>a differing opinion, s/he offered a different side of things without
>attacks.  There also were no constant sickening imploring to brotherliness.
>Surprisingly, the brotherliness is expressed so well, it's not even

Well, you haven't seen them get mad, like last spring when one of the former
members of the list and I were trying to kill each other.  But for the most
part you got it right.

Since the bulk of the people on the list are quite proud of their amorality,
any attempt at preachment inevitably results in howls of derision so they are
free to be quite brotherly because they want to be, not because some
superannuated old fart is going try to lecture them into it.  And if they
disagree, they have no bones about saying so, sometimes in rather strong and
obscene ways.

It's a fun list.  And, like theos-l, I know a lot of the people on it which
makes it a nice, convenient way to talk to old friends all at once.

Chuck the Heretic

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