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Chaos is very civilized

Nov 21, 1997 10:17 AM
by Thoa Tran

>From my limited observation of the Chaos list, they are busier and yet more
civilized than the few theosophy lists I've been on.  I'm not judging their
civilization on the topics, but in how they treat each other.  The tone was
of friendly openness without condemnation or snobbishness.  If someone had
a differing opinion, s/he offered a different side of things without
attacks.  There also were no constant sickening imploring to brotherliness.
Surprisingly, the brotherliness is expressed so well, it's not even

If any theosophist is worried about the future of t/Theosophy in getting
the attention of the younger generation, s/he should log onto the zee list
to observe the tone of the list.  You'll have to do it without judgment of
the topics.  Some of the topics may not settle well in your stomach.  The
topics range from shit incense to Shakespeare.  The ages on the zee list
range from 18 to probably ancient.  The knowledge level also has a wide
range.  If you can read countless e-mails (almost 100 a day) without
feeling like protesting, you pass the test.

IMO, the typical theosophy list is diseased with necrophilia (a constant
rehashing and argument over dead Theosophists), an unfriendly tone
(sometimes snotty), a mental arrogance (I'm smarter than you!), and
preaching (this list must be reserved ONLY to spread brotherliness!).

As an aside, regarding limiting conversations to only spreading
brotherliness, we are fooling ourselves if that is the ony reason we log
onto the theosophy lists.  People, if they are inclined to, are already
doing whatever they can to spread brotherliness, OUTSIDE of the computer.
Whatever their inclination, a constant reminder is not going to help, but
cause guilt and annoyance.  I think the main reason theosophists log onto
the lists is to be among theosophists, since there are not that many in our
immediate vicinity.  The staid Theosophists will congregate with staid
Theosophists.  Turning away and without drawing any newbies, they are not
influencing anything, regardless of their constant reminder toward
brotherhood.  They are only reminding each other.  Although one thinks that
the mission is to spread enlightening messages on the internet, the motive
is mostly selfish, arising from a need to be with like people.  The
attitude that pushes away people beyond your realm of positive influence
reveals that the motive IS selfish.

Thoa :o)

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