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Re: rules and games

Nov 11, 1997 10:18 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-11 17:25:07 EST, you write:

>And I also realize that Chuck will happily let us know how
>rules are meant to be broken -- by him. But even he is following
>rules, playing a certain game, that of the trickster or heckler,
>and quite predictable when playing that role.
>-- Eldon

As long as I am willing to break my own rules as well, which I do quite
often.  And one of the joys of being predictable is that when one breaks the
pattern it can have fascinating results, usually in the minds of people
around me.

For example, for years I would make at least one afternoon trip out to Olcott
to dig in the library, invariably on Wednesday.  But then I decided to change
and went out on a Tuesday.  For several days the Olcott staff could not
remember what day it was!

Chuck the Heretic

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