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Re: ULT & B. Wadia

Nov 11, 1997 09:51 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:40 PM 11/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-11-11 05:16:19 EST, you write:
>To mkr,
> I believe B P Wadia, was a member of TS (Adyar) and left it and formed ULT.
> If there are any historians who know the background post some info?
>  >>
>I assume you mean by ULT the United Lodge of Theosophists.   I'm not sure of
>the role of B. Wadia, if he/she even played a role in it's founding.  ULT was
>founded by Robert Crosbie, in 1909. Mr. Crosbie, being totally disgusted with
>the shenanigans of Besant and Judge, for authority and control of the TS
>after HPB's demise felt it was drifting from it's original purpose in the
>dissemination of the teachings.   It seems Crosbie drew heavily from Judge's
>teaching, which are much more easily read and expressed in simpler terms than
>HPB's.  Part of the principles and policies statement reads: 
>    "The policy of this Lodge is independent devotion to the cause of
>Theosophy, without professing attachment to any Theosophical organization.
> It is loyal to the great Founders of the Theosophical Movement, but does not
>concern itself with dissensions or differences of individual opinion.
>  The work it has on hand and the end it keeps in view are too absorbing and
>too lofty to leave it the time or inclination to take part in side issues.
> That work and that end is the dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of
>the Philosophy of Theosophy, and the exemplification in practice of those
>principles, through a truer realization of the SELF; a profounder conviction
>of Universal Brotherhood. "
>Another  interesting feature is it's lack of  Constitution, By-Laws and
>Officers. Everything is done by individuals without backing of a group or a
>hierarchical position.  Favored studying material appears to be anything by
>Crosbie, Judge or the "Key to Theosophy." 
>ULT's publishing houses publish some excellent material,  unabridged.
>  Addresses are:
>      The Theosophy Company
>      Theosophy Hall, 245 W. 33rd Street
>       Los Angeles, Ca.  90007 USA
>       The United Lodge of Theosophists
>        347 East 72nd Street
>        New York, NY  10021  USA
Thanks for the info. I was trying to find out the background to B P Wadia
and the events surrounding his departure from TS(Adyar).


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