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Re: rules and games

Nov 11, 1997 04:50 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


>> In a way, we're often functioning in two modes. One is in terms of
>> role playing. You could be a postal clerk selling me stamps. I could
>> be dad to a little girl, reading her a book. Someone else could be
>> an barber, giving someone a hair cut. Yet another person could be a
>> book critic, writing a review of a popular work.
>There is another aspect which frequently interferes effective and
>efficient communication between human beings. Usually our professions
>along with the power of wealth, many of which bestow a certain status
>confuses the issue. It is that I am trying to avoid or minimize. For
>example I may be introduced as Professor Ramadoss or Dr. Ramadoss, or
>something like that to embellish my perceived relative status generally
>seen in the world. It is that I am trying to eliminate when we
>communicate with each other just as two human beings. In many cases
>other accomplishments in academic or professional fields do not transfer
>itself to the task at hand. 

This is not, I think, saying that roles/games are bad, just that
they can interfere with each other, so that we have to downplay
one role in order to play another. You can't be Dr. Ramadoss when
that role gets in the way of the one you want to play. On the
other hand, there may be times when you need the role of
Professor because that is what you are doing at the moment.

I think your basic point is that we want to establish rapport with
people of different backgrounds, and to communicate something of
the spiritual, we must become transparent, putting aside all
extraneous roles, becoming completely responsive. This is a
technique that is often useful. Of course, there are exceptions,
times when we need to be ourselves in certain ways regardless of
how others react.

-- Eldon

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