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Nov 03, 1997 05:48 PM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Titus,

>Welcome back, Thoa! Without you there's been no one to give me a hard time. ;)
>Well, at least not with the flash and flair you do. ;) Tease. Tease.

Well, let me get out my dominatrix uniform!:o)  You got my respect for your
flexible responses to my "flash and flair."  And I'm glad someone is still
posting jokes that has nothing and everything to do with theosophy.

>Amidst the babbling New Agey's I've met people with a contageous and genuine
>reverence. They spark some kind of remembrance or knowing in the soul. These
>are the types you hope would be on the altars. Appreciation for that genuine
>kind of reverence in a receptive person prompts a clumbsy attempt to recover
>and apply that knowing.  This is what I called, improvising on the spot,
>"honest hypocrisy". Like the inferior function described by Jung, the
>undeveloped clumbsy faculty seeking to come out contains the richest seeds of
>new growth and original creation. Unlike the polished but well-worn superior
>function, it abounds in new possibilities. But it is initially awkward.
>Imagine what an olympic racer looked like when he or she rode their first

>The genuine and the "genuine imitation" are different from the out and out
>hypocritical. For every good thing, there seems to be a force that seeks to
>cheapen it and pervert it. I think this must be what the Valentinian Gnostics
>called the Antimimon Pneumatos or counterfeit spirit. The moment an esoteric
>truth becomes exoteric, there is always the cheap imitation coming forth. Part
>of the price you pay, but the "genuine imitation" turning into genuine makes
>it worth it.

This reminds me of what Maya Angelou was saying about that we are complete
just as we are.  We don't need outside trappings to make us complete.  In
her last speech, she made a statement regarding not wanting "boring goody
two shoes", but folks who are willing to put themselves out just as they
are, willing to be out there and to be courageous.  That is a powerful
statement, because there is something in each one of us that says we are
not good enough to express ourselves as we are.  Imagine how much could get
accomplished if we were all courageous.  I know I feel like a clumsy oaf a
lot of the times.  In the words of Waynes World movie, "I'm not worthy!"
Maybe it is the clumsiness in myself, but I actually prefer to be around
clumsy people.  People who are too perfect and smooth arouses suspicion in

Have fun, Titus!

P.S.  I know I left the list to put up a web site, but ended up doing lots
of painting.  I love it!  Oh, well, it only takes a good weekend to put one
up, anyway.  I just have to take lots of pictures.

Thoa :o)

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