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Re: Dreck

Nov 03, 1997 11:13 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-03 11:22:00 EST, you write:

>Could you please explain why? (It's hard to understand for me, because
>the pure word "peace" put's instantly many symbols into my thoughts,
>i.e. sparkling, bright, wight light, the Phi-sign, doves of peace, a white
>candle, a piecefully country szene ... )
>"while a child playing Doom will put out far more energy, and more effective
>energy in the opposite direction"
>Do you refer to aggression with "energy in the opposite direction"?

Well, what you are getting is a personal series of references to the word,
which do not really translate very well into effecting the outside world.
 Feeling good creates a form of stasis which is not the same as absence of

Now, when someone plays a video game, they can easily find themselves in a
state of total concentration that would make most experienced meditators
extremely jealous because the mental dynamic of the game is doing the work.
 And, as that concentration is on violent action, as opposed to stasis, it
will have an immediate impact on the mental atmosphere of anyone who is open
to it.

Chuck the Heretic

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