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Unconditional love/shield/surveys

Nov 03, 1997 08:53 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Cpickar:


"It is either personal or learned or both."

I agree to this - though to me it doesn't change anything at all - it's just
another point of view to look at it.


Maybe we should first try to make sure, what each of us considers the
above expression to be. To me "obsessive" means to "think and feel
that another person belongs (as if one had been buying a human beeing
in a store) to a person, as if the other person would be an article out
of material and not a lifing beeing. Do you define "obsessive" in the
same way?

"Higher Self or Spirit HAS no limitations and is shared, therefore no
shields or borders."

To me Higher Self sometimes is shared and sometimes is not. There
are also boarders for one's own spiritual well being. It's upon me to
decide what I share and what I won't - it's all out of my free will.

"One should do what one feels from ones inner self."

I agree.

 "... most of us our focused on ourselves and could stand a good dose of
a loss of self interest..."

I guess I know what you are trying to say here, but then isn't it also just
a question of   h o w   one is intested in oneself. I mean if the interest is
used for learning and working that's different from being used for
saying "wauw I am one great myself" (reminds me of P. Ustinov in
its movie role Nero).

"getting us to drop these limitations and be more inclusive"

Yes and now - if dropping the limitations is used to make out a team
of a hierarchy it's a creative way to become more inclusive but if to
become more inclusive is done under pressure I don't consider it
to be a good way.

"The subject of unconditional love lends itself to the subject of unity of

Could you give me a sample of a situation you have in mind, which
makes you say "unconditional love lends itself to unity of spirit".

I am learning a lot while trying to discuss with you. Thank you for that.


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