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Nov 04, 1997 07:44 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Chuck: "Well, what you are getting is a personal series of references to
the word, which do not really translate very well into effecting the outside

"Personal series of references" to me are some of my personal associations
with the word peace and simply mean that I use a word in a creative way.
I do it because I love words and feel good with my associations.

"Feeling good creates a form of stasis which is not the same as absence of

I tried to look up the word "stasis" in my dictionnary but couldn't find it.
Could you please explain it to me?

"Now, when someone plays a video game, they can easily find themselves in a
state of total concentration..."

You are quite right here.

 "...that would make most experienced meditators extremely jealous because the
mental dynamic of the game is doing the work."

I have never come accross anybody who said he/she was an experienced meditator
and can therefore not judge if they are getting jealous or not. That "the
dynamic of the game is doing the work" is quite clear.

"And, as that concentration is on violent action, as opposed to stasis, it
will have
 an immediate impact on the mental atmosphere of anyone who is open to it."

Again the stasis - sorry before I don't know the correct meaning of this word
I can't say anything.


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