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Sep 17, 1997 07:03 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>When I read HPB-texts, I think they have all figured out, but did not
>write it down,  but simply give some informations verbally only. I also
>thought again about what you wrote that the Leader of the Pasadena TS
>was saying. Let's agree that there is Karma for instance on the astral
>plane. As I see it, it stops in the middle of the noetical dimension
>where also the duality stops. So where does this karma come from?
>How does it get to the astral plane? What is your opinion to that point?
>Nicole Suter

Do you think they deliberately withheld information?  I suspect so,
at least a little.

How did you get the idea that karma "stops" at the "noetic
dimension"--whatever that is?  Top of the mental plane?

No, karma goes all the way to the Abyss. It governs actions
on all four lower planes. When we pass the Abyss and enter
the spiritual planes (mystical experience, satori, samadhi, etc)
then all personal karma ceases. I suspect that collective
karma applies a little, even in the spiritual worlds.

Duality is another ballgame. It only stops after the first and
highest plane. Duality exists on all planes of this solar
system of 7 planes. The very highest duality is subject
and object, or purusha and prakriti. These two, together
with their connecting link form the spiritual monad, a

Karma implies action of some sort. HPB calls all original
action Motion, but this has only spiritual karma, and I am
not real sure what that is.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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