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Re: Karma

Sep 15, 1997 05:57 AM
by ramadoss

At 02:45 AM 9/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Doss, you wrote:
>> What do I do after I reach nirvana?
>You're jossing me right?  You know darn well I can't verbalize that
>yet!!!  I'm struggling with astral travel, with being called into other
>time periods, with having visions and not knowing what to do with them,
>with being communicated with by trees, and by trying to "keep my feet on
>the ground" so that I can keep my job at the same time as studying every
>spiritually related thing I can get my hands on.  And, as I no longer
>trust myself to remember precisely what I have read or heard, I had to
>crack the books to answer you.
>Nirvana (Buddhism):  "following an experience of the unsatisfactory
>nature of all phenomena and tremendous physical pain followed by a state
>of effortless insight, nirvana is attained when consciousness ceases to
>have an object.  Freedom from the wheel of becoming, no more karma
>accumulated, no need for rebirth to the physical world." 

Hi, Annette:

I was not very serious when I made the comment and be sure that I do not
belittle any personal experience since there are a million things in the
unseen world that I do not know of. I believe that there is a purpose in
everything we experience.

Talk of not being able to trust yourself to remember precisely what you have
heard or read, it happens to everyone. I even had the problem of remembering
where I put a book (right now I have been searching a book for the last 10
days wherein there is a comment about edited Krishnamurti's talks resulted
in the editor introducing Theosophical ideas into them). 

>Are we on the same wavelength?

Sure we are.

>Beyond Nirvana:  "Nirodh, absolute cessation of consciousness. 
>Metabolism drops to minimal level necessary to maintain physical life."
>(finding this surprised me, I had thought Nirvana was the "end" of the
>I have not yet personal experience of either.  Have you?  

Not yet. When I do, I will surely post it here, because I would like to
share it with everyone possible. 

>Sounds like a spiritual OBE or an NDE.  Apparently the life and
>personality changes of the returning subject are similar.  Apparently
>was attained by some ancients, some Egyptians and yogis.

I agree. 

>What do *you* do when you reach it?  I think I think what you do is
>entirely up to you.  I think you manifest your own infinite destiny. 
>Maybe you would burst into a trillion million pieces and join with the
>elements of the universe.  Maybe you would return and be a "master" to
>help others.  I'm almost sure whatever you did would be exactly right
>for your"self" and creation.

Agreed. If I return, I would like to be not a "master" but a servant to help
others. Master of oneself and servant of everyone.

>You also wrote: 
>> I am quite happy that I have something to do every minute of my day, and my
>> life is not dull at all and enjoy every minute of it?
>I am little at a loss to respond to this and wondering why you appear to
>have taken what I said personally.  Here's two thoughts:

No, I did not take it personally and if it appears to be so, I apologize.

>1.  My apparent judgement call was a personal frustration (still) with
>"texts" that often appear to go round in circles, sometimes appear to
>say nothing and are even contradictory in some places. (Remember my goal
>is to "do it" in this lifetime).

I think texts are just like signposts and the word is not the real thing.
Even in real life situation I go round and round and suddenly lo and behold
like a lightning the understanding of the problem (thus the solution also)

>2.  (gulps and refuses to accept fear) Dear Doss, don't lower yourself

Agree. Fear does distort how we see things and how we act. How can I lower
myself, when I am still there.

>to defend either yourself or your life choices to an idiot like me, how
>ever much you feel called to assist the "lost" :)  Take care.  Annette

Don't lower yourself. Each of us is intelligent and unique and once we
recognize it, it is easy to communicate with each other like two human beings.

Just my 2 cents. Did I miss anything?


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