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Sep 19, 1997 07:39 AM
by Nicole Suter

I have red myself through all these karma-discussions and
deceided to give myself time to deceide wheter there is karma
or not. I have used the expression karma I don't know how
many times believing that it means "law of cause and effect".

Somehow, I felt I should look up its definition in my German
Duden - there I found a completly different translation of the
word "karma" - nothing to do with "cause & effect" at all. And
there is so much warmth in that definition, that it can't be wrong.
I am not that good in English that I would feel able to translate
this definiton correctly, but I guess there are also English wordbooks
which may give proper information.

Is there anybody who might even be able to find a proper translation
of the sanskrit word?

I guess there is nothing wrong with the word "karma" at all, but
large amounts of how it is understood or has been misused for.

Nicole Suter

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