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Senatorial astrology (fwd)

Sep 19, 1997 09:17 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to K. Paul Johnson:

We have a new reference book on Congress, and when I saw it had
birthdates for all members I decided to do a little detective
work.  Since A.R.E. folks tend to be astrology-oriented I hope
some of you will find it interesting.  Needless to say, I hope
comments won't get politically partisan.  But there are some
striking patterns.  It would have taken all day to do the
Congress, but I categorized all the Senators after discarding
the 6 born on sign-change days as there were no times of birth
given.  Of the 94 whose sun signs I could identify, there are:
12 Cancers (9D,4R)
11 Scorpios (7D,4R)
10 Pisces (6D,4R)
9 Virgos (5D,4R)
9 Aquarians (7R,2D)
9 Taureans (7R,2D)
8 Sagittarians (5R,3D)
7 Capricorns (4R,3D)
6 Librans (4R,2D)
5 Aries (4R,1D)
5 Leos (3D,2R)
4 Geminis (2D,2R) The only tie-- how appropriate!

Disparity in party affiliation by signs is more apparent when
we note that the Democrats number 7 Cancers, 7 Scorpios, 6
Pisces, 3 Capricorns, 3 Sagittarians, 3 Leos, 2 Taureans, 2
Geminis, 2 Libras, 1 Aries.  Whereas the Republicans number 7
Taureans, 7 Aquarians, 5 Sagittarians, 4 each for Aries,
Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces, 2 each for Geminis
and Leos.

Preliminary comments: Most striking is the overrepresentation
of water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in the Senate as a
whole and especially among the Democrats.  Almost equally
strong is the leaning of Taureans and Aquarians to the

Oddities about states: both Hawaii Senators are Virgos, both
Floridians are Scorpios, both Arkansans are Leos (like our
Arkie president) and both Wyoming Senators are Aquarians.

Further analysis invited.

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