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Giving & Receiving Karma from Others

Sep 17, 1997 06:54 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Jerry S. wrote <you can only give karma to another if they willingly
>it.>  I have to disagree with this statement because it distorts what
>is.  Karma, as pointed out by a number of theosophical notables ...

Well, you are perfectly free to believe as you  will. As for me, I
stand by my statement, albeit the "acceptance" is usually
subconscious.  Your notable quotes from Judge and others
do nothing to change my view. If you irritate me, then I must
have "let" you do it. If you try to give me a guilt trip, I have to
allow you. Of course physical karma still appiles--if you shoot
me I will bleed, but I was not really talking about physical
karma. I suppose what I should have said was, your mental 
body (attitudes, beliefs, etc) can only affect my mental body, 
if I allow it.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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