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Rules & Karma

Sep 16, 1997 09:00 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Jerry Schueler - thank you for your answers. You also wrote:

"I suspect that even they haven't got it all figured out. Karma sounds
childishly simply on the surface, but its depths are beyond our human
minds to fathom."

When I read HPB-texts, I think they have all figured out, but did not
write it down,  but simply give some informations verbally only. I also
thought again about what you wrote that the Leader of the Pasadena TS
was saying. Let's agree that there is Karma for instance on the astral
plane. As I see it, it stops in the middle of the noetical dimension
where also the duality stops. So where does this karma come from?
How does it get to the astral plane? What is your opinion to that point?

Nicole Suter

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