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A few hints

Sep 09, 1997 05:27 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>According to astrology, the 12 signs are ruled by the seven planets. (OK,
>as more planets were discovered ...

A few hints... 

HPB always talked about 7 planets and 7 globes. The 7 
globes are situated on the lower 4 cosmic planes (below the Abyss). 
G de Purucker continued this with 12 globes on 7 planes. So we can 
see that when we speak about the manifested planes or worlds
below the Abyss we talk about 7, while when we include those
above the Abyss and look at the "big picture" we talk about 12.

Our sun is hardly the "chief" of the 12 constellations of the zodiac,
except in the sense that it produces more light for us on Earth.
Thus, this idea is "exoteric."

The esoteric Christos could be many things, including the
archetypal Self as defined by Jung, in which case the 12
subordinates with be the "lesser" primary archetypes.
Usually the esoteric Christos refers to our inner god, and this,
during each incarnation, is subordinate to the planetary
Rulers (i.e., accepts and follows their laws).

I also agree with Chuck--her idea relates to Gnosticism
and the 7 & 12 Aeons.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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