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Re: THEOS-L digest 1237

Sep 16, 1997 08:31 AM
by DSArthur

Jerry S. wrote <you can only give karma to another if they willingly accept
it>.  I have to disagree with this statement because it distorts what karma
is.  Karma, as pointed out by a number of theosophical notables such as
William Q. Judge, is essentially cause and effect ... and effects don't
require "acceptance" in order to originate from causes.  If, for example, I
drive my car carelessly I may have an accident ... but "acceptance" by the
person(s) in the car I hit is not a requirement for the accident to happen.
 It could well be that the person(s) in the other car just had an accident
yesterday and the last thing they are willing to "accept" today is another
accident.  Nevertheless, if I drive with sufficient carelessness, it is very
likely that they will have one.  Namaste  - Dennis

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