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Rules & Karma

Sep 11, 1997 01:15 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> Who is G de Purucker?

Nicole, Purucker was a Leader of the Pasadena TS
and a very prolific writer. Most of his material is quite
good, and well worth reading, IMHO. 

>Did you notice the "placebo-effect" in the words of "good morning
>Mr. X, it is a wonder that you are still alive, according to our medical
>tests you are supposed to have died two month ago" ... does have?
>This really happened and the patient died two months later!!

This kind of thing is well documented. 
As Buddha taught--we should always doubt.

>Why should only a high Adept be able to figure out what karma is -
>(if they are high Adepts they mightn't have any at all)?

I suspect that even they haven't got it all figured out. Karma sounds
childishly simply on the surface, but its depths are beyond our human
minds to fathom.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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