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Re: Tom and his evil feminists (again)

Sep 08, 1997 06:10 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Tom Robertson <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Re: Tom and his evil feminists (again)
> Date: Sunday, September 07, 1997 1:56 PM
> Tim wrote:
> >Let me throw some questions your way, Tom. Catch or not as you will.
<Giant snip>

As my laundry goes round and round, and I've finished the dishes,
made the bed and added to my shopping list, I ponder you answers.
This morning, I complimented my husband on his shirt and tie, having
picked them myself, since he'd partially blind.  Right now I  have an
ailing cat sitting in my lap while I type.

Bascially, without the feminine forces, the male would be in trouble.
Yang without ying would look like an apostrophe.

But I think the fact that this issue has  gone on so long has made me
sanguine and I no longer get "emotional" about it.  As long as you
don't physically hurt anyone, you may be tolerated by others and castigated
by those who are new to your diatribes.

It really doesn't matter what you say to me.  BTW, I met a woman bishop yesterday.
That's what matters to me.

A. Safron

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