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Sep 07, 1997 09:20 PM
by wichm

Tom Robertson wrote:
> I wonder if
>homosexuality could be caused by a difference in speed of adjustment
>in the physical and emotional (or at least that part of the emotional
>that has to do with sexual attraction) aspects while transferring
>genders, so that, in a certain minority of cases, they don't coincide.

Joan Grant suggestion that solitary lives, as a monk for instance, could
influence adversely this transition. 
As to the emotional part of sexual attraction I wonder how an image of the
ideal partner arises in childhood in a person. Is it influenced by past
lives? By the image of his/her mother/father in its present life?
Why  do some people aim for particular physical characteristics?
Dennis Morris had it that women in general aim for an intelligent appearance
of a man capable of protecting the family. I.e. strong facial
characteristics and body build.
Men are less interested in creating a family. They are not looking for
intelligence but more after an innocent prey to conquer, regular features,
body build capable of bearing children.
Male homosexuals have other preferences than women. They are supposed to
discover the female element behind the male facade in men, and vice versa.
What intrigues me is whether any psychological studies have been done after
the formation of the image of the ideal partner with individuals and in fact
what psychological term is used for it.

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