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Sep 06, 1997 05:41 PM
by Tom Robertson

Keith Price wrote:

>But women are from Venus and men are from Mars and gays, well, I humbly >must say we come from very advanced esoteric planets :)  just joking!

For quite a while, I've had a theory about the cause of homosexuality,
and I would like feedback on its possible validity.  It came to me
while reading some of the books on past lives by Besant and
Leadbeater, the relevant part being how individuals would spend a few
lives as one gender and then a few lives as the other.  I wonder if
homosexuality could be caused by a difference in speed of adjustment
in the physical and emotional (or at least that part of the emotional
that has to do with sexual attraction) aspects while transferring
genders, so that, in a certain minority of cases, they don't coincide.
I'm not even sure which would be faster - perhaps an individual who
was a heterosexual woman who is heading towards maleness in his/her
cycle can acquire a male body faster than he/she can acquire a male
emotional make-up, and, if incarnation begins before the male
emotional make-up has been developed, he/she will be a gay man.  Or
perhaps, which seems less likely, the heterosexual woman heading
towards maleness would develop a male emotional make-up but, for some
reason would not be able to develop a male physical body, and would
spend one more lifetime as a gay woman before spending a few lifetimes
as a heterosexual man.  Is there anything which would make this theory

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