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Re: Yet More on Rules

Sep 06, 1997 05:45 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:47 PM 9/6/97 -0400, Jerry Schueler wrote:
>>Rules are needed for an efficient and orderly progress of physical
>>activities. Such as one way traffic, traffic signals, etc. etc. Some of
>>these are also necessary to protect the physical security and safety of
>No one is really arguing this, Doss. The point I am trying to
>make is motive. Let your motive be common sense or the common
>good, rather than I have to because. When you act out of love
>or compassion, you act with golden chains. When you act out
>of hope for reward or fear of punishment then you act with
>iron chains. First change your chains from iron to gold, then
>dispense with even the gold and act with freedom.

   From a "worldly" point of view, sometimes even with wrong motive, much
good to our fellow beings can come. For example let us say a philanthropist
starts a health care facility to help the needy in the belief that doing
something like it will get him to heaven after his/her death, even without
his/her knowledge, the wrong motive may indeed earn him/her good Karma,
because of the practical help that his act resulted in.

>>When you go to non physical matters, I don't know what are the rules and
>>sets them? Gurus, religious leaders, sacred books, tradition, or whatever.
>>Any ideas? 
>Yeah. We pretty much make our own rules in the inner worlds.

  I agree. 


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