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unfounded scientific speculation

Sep 06, 1997 03:30 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Seriously, I've never understood why 
>this kind of completely unfounded scientific speculation would have any 
>appeal outside science fiction. Because such statements deal with 
>scientific matters but lack any empirical grounding, they are almost 
>certain to be wrong. Can you explain the appeal In expressing factual 
>claims of this kind?

Tim, there is an appeal because math is the language of relationships
and there is a relationship between matter and spirit. I am not sure what
you mean by "unfounded scientific speculation" unless you mean
unscientifically "proven." What I am saying here is that just as black
hole and white holes are apparently connecting links between various
spaces and times in the fabric of spacetime, so laya centers may be
connecting links between mental, astral, and physical planes. I am
not saying that this "proves" anything. These things are all just models
of what may exist. Spirit (and etheric, astral, mental, and so on) is
"unfounded scientific speculation" but that does not keep me from
experiencing it, nor from trying to describe it in words and in models.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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