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Yet More on Rules

Sep 06, 1997 03:21 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Rules are needed for an efficient and orderly progress of physical
>activities. Such as one way traffic, traffic signals, etc. etc. Some of
>these are also necessary to protect the physical security and safety of

No one is really arguing this, Doss. The point I am trying to
make is motive. Let your motive be common sense or the common
good, rather than I have to because. When you act out of love
or compassion, you act with golden chains. When you act out
of hope for reward or fear of punishment then you act with
iron chains. First change your chains from iron to gold, then
dispense with even the gold and act with freedom.

>When you go to non physical matters, I don't know what are the rules and
>sets them? Gurus, religious leaders, sacred books, tradition, or whatever.
>Any ideas? 

Yeah. We pretty much make our own rules in the inner worlds.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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