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Re: Rules

Sep 08, 1997 06:55 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:57 PM 9/7/97 -0400, wrote:
>At 07:28 PM 9/5/97 -0400, Doss wrote:
>>When you go to non physical matters, I don't know what are the rules and who
>>sets them? Gurus, religious leaders, sacred books, tradition, or whatever.
>I have to agree with either Titus or Jerry (sorry, guys) who said that
>there is a difference between the type of rules that you mentioned in the
>first paragraph of my excerpt of your post and those for nonphysical
>matters. Aside from where they originate, they are principles or laws that
>we cannot escape or disobey until we transcend this evolution. However,
>what are often referred to as "rules" espoused by teachers, traditions,
>etc. are often guidelines based on the nonhumanly-originated principles or
>laws. They're sort of like training wheels for the early stages of the Path
>and if you discard them too soon, especially before realizing the
>principles behind them, you'll fall down and get bruised. ;-D

One of the problems that we run into when following or listening to
teachers, traditions etc. looking for guidelines is there are far too many
of the teachers and traditions and more often than not it is very likely
that many of them are no good. So far more are likely to be mislead, and
that is a real problem. May be for some they have to be burnt before they
realize they have chosen the wrong teacher or tradition. In some cases the
harm may be so serious that one will get disillusioned about all teachers
and traditions. My 2 cents worth.


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