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Re: Shortened Hairy Issues

Jul 30, 1997 09:08 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:04 PM 7/30/97 -0400, Ken Malkin wrote:
>Oh me oh my !!! 
>Forgive my tardiness in consigning an older TS-L issue to the trash.
>I've just about caught up with the digests. Low and behold, Something I
>may help with has been raised.
>In an aside, in a private post to K. Smith, trying to make a minor point
>I did tell her that I observed a 'Lock' of soiled, dusty white hair
>purported to have been that of HSO. I was shown the ribboned 'artifact'
>with some reverence being assigned to its placement (next to a ring,
>stated as having been HPB's, along with other trinkets, trading beads
>and adornments), this when I was at Wheaton in June. The 'Key' I thought
>that would explain my raising the point was apparently misunderstood by
>the recipient.
>It's there folks. Certainly out President may or may not comment as he
>sees fit. The bibelot has a prominent place on the top shelf in glass
>fronted chiffonnier. The piece itself backs the window side of John's
>sumptuous office. The office has by the way a magnificent view of the
>front lawns. Others may struggle for sufficient working space, complain
>about inadequate ventilation, and pass back to front between desks, but
>not our President. His office suite is quite comfortable. A bit musty,
>but plush and undisturbed.  
>To those of you wanting a quick fix around the ears, trust me, any DNA
>available in that dust collector has been returned to its original state
>of undifferentiated matter.
>As to 'Vibes', well, not being able to say for sure what was indeed
>happening, I can report I did suffer from immediate post nasal drip.
>This was accompanied by, sneezing, watering eyes and other minor
>discomforts. Interestingly enough, all my ills abated when the door was
>closed and I left John's office.
>To some degree, my companion ( a well known, more refined, and I may add
>diplomatic Theosophist ) appeared to have had a similar experience.
>Walking down to the first floor, we did discuss the genesis of the term
>"Ossified Theosophist". It has been bandied about over the years and we
>never had quite determined it origins until that short but pungent stop. 
>In closing, I do hope this note has with sharpened information cut the
>matter down to size and clears up any question ( why, there should be is
>unfathomable ) that may have grown. 
>Then again, what of it anyway. My collectables still include a toy truck
>or two from my youth, and I know my Baseball Cards (unseen for decades)
>include a signed Ted Williams, Bobby Doer, and Dom Dimaggio.
>My peace profound
>Ken Malkin

Very interesting.

I am wondering what other relics are preserved at Olcott.

I am sure Olcott himself if he were to resurrect today, IMHO, he would be
very shocked to find his hair being preserved as a "holy" relic.

Anyone out there with any knowledge. If someone wants to provide tip
offs/info and also retain their anonymity (their livelyhood may be at risk),
can send me e-mail at


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