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Shortened Hairy Issues

Jul 30, 1997 06:02 PM
by Ken Malkin

Oh me oh my !!! 

Forgive my tardiness in consigning an older TS-L issue to the trash.
I've just about caught up with the digests. Low and behold, Something I
may help with has been raised.

In an aside, in a private post to K. Smith, trying to make a minor point
I did tell her that I observed a 'Lock' of soiled, dusty white hair
purported to have been that of HSO. I was shown the ribboned 'artifact'
with some reverence being assigned to its placement (next to a ring,
stated as having been HPB's, along with other trinkets, trading beads
and adornments), this when I was at Wheaton in June. The 'Key' I thought
that would explain my raising the point was apparently misunderstood by
the recipient.

It's there folks. Certainly out President may or may not comment as he
sees fit. The bibelot has a prominent place on the top shelf in glass
fronted chiffonnier. The piece itself backs the window side of John's
sumptuous office. The office has by the way a magnificent view of the
front lawns. Others may struggle for sufficient working space, complain
about inadequate ventilation, and pass back to front between desks, but
not our President. His office suite is quite comfortable. A bit musty,
but plush and undisturbed.  

To those of you wanting a quick fix around the ears, trust me, any DNA
available in that dust collector has been returned to its original state
of undifferentiated matter.

As to 'Vibes', well, not being able to say for sure what was indeed
happening, I can report I did suffer from immediate post nasal drip.
This was accompanied by, sneezing, watering eyes and other minor
discomforts. Interestingly enough, all my ills abated when the door was
closed and I left John's office.

To some degree, my companion ( a well known, more refined, and I may add
diplomatic Theosophist ) appeared to have had a similar experience.
Walking down to the first floor, we did discuss the genesis of the term
"Ossified Theosophist". It has been bandied about over the years and we
never had quite determined it origins until that short but pungent stop. 

In closing, I do hope this note has with sharpened information cut the
matter down to size and clears up any question ( why, there should be is
unfathomable ) that may have grown. 

Then again, what of it anyway. My collectables still include a toy truck
or two from my youth, and I know my Baseball Cards (unseen for decades)
include a signed Ted Williams, Bobby Doer, and Dom Dimaggio.

My peace profound
Ken Malkin

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