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Dolphins and ARE

Jul 30, 1997 02:08 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

This weekend I was in Chesapeake (next door to Virginia Beach)
and read a cover story in the local section of the
newspaper about the annual dolphin count last Saturday.  Scores
of volunteers are placed at 39 locations along Virginia's
coast (some out in boats), armed with binoculars and counting
dolphins.  The average count is about 400 adults and 25

What was striking about the story in light of ARE is that the
north end of Virginia Beach is the major center for dolphins in
the state, a small area that they return to every year for
calving.  So when you are looking out the window of the
meditation room, you are looking at the dolphin mecca of the
region.  I just wonder if the same "forces" that caused the
readings to insist that Cayce move to Virginia Beach might
impel the dolphins to the same spot.

Just got wind of a "kayak with the dolphins" tour which some
friends of mine and I are planning to sign up for.  Surfer
friends have told me how friendly the dolphins are; described
how often they ride waves with one dolphin on each side of them
deliberately accompanying them through the ride.  I hope the
critters like kayakers as much as they do surfers.

One thing about the readings which bothers me is the denial
that animals have individual souls.  In the case of dolphins
and several other species, this just doesn't ring true.  I'll
check the CD-ROM to see if anyone ever asked Cayce specifically
about dolphin intelligence.


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