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Brothers of the Shadows of Fear

Jul 30, 1997 07:15 PM

Satanists, as far as I know, exalt the ego more than any god or
goddess. They are the true Black Brothers that HPB talks about.
They do NOT worship the devil in any Christian sense, but DO
try to immortalize the ego or personal self, which IMHO is much

Jerry S.
Member, TI

Keith:  Ah, here is the problem again - is the ego, the bad guy, or the 
selfish INSTINTCTS, which the ego seeks to gratify at the expense of self and 

Black magic, 10 times out of 10, backfires of the sorceror's apprentice.  I 
think of alcohol, drugs, violence and their use by gangs as low black magic.  
Then you have the more subtle which is almost indistiguishable from the 
unselfishness of white magic.

I think we all have our opinions on this, but it appears that most "Satanists" 
are far to selfish to keep a group going for very long unless it is our of 
fear and coercion.  

I think of the fascist regimes which use fear and turning in your neighbor to 
rule a country.  Peru, I think, had or has a horrible regime that replaced a 
Communist regime.  Anyway, we are very luck to be able to talk about all these 
things openly.  

I think it is easy to get the idea that the Masters are quasi-angels and the 
brothers of the shadows quasi-demons, but called or uncalled the archetypes 
will be there (to misquote the motto over Jung's door).  

By the way, has anyone seen THE CONFORMIST (Bernardo Berolucci).  It was a 
life changing film for me.  It is about a failed intellectual/liberal who 
joins the fascists and is ordered to kill his former philosophy professor.  He 
marries a beautiful, but rather stupid women just to conform etc.  THe message 
is that the only way to survive in a fascist environment of "double binds" is 
to live totallly ironically detached, be stupid, use drugs or go insane.  

Or live in a cave... Plato's cave of shadows - illusion - art

Keith Price

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