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Re: Open-mindedness is self-righteous?

Jul 30, 1997 10:02 PM
by kymsmith

Keith wrote:

> [Kym] Could it be we've given in to self-righteousness in being so

>Keith:  I think I know what you mean, but isn't it usually the other way 

Probably not. Many people pride themselves so much on being "open-minded"
that they dismiss those they have judged as "not open-minded" and any ideas
put forth by those same "closed-minded" folk.   

>Those that want an investigation, and inquisition, punishment are the self- 
>righeous ones. 

I do find your use of the term "inquisition" interesting. However, the
insinuation of the word "inquisition" has not gone unnoticed - although I am
unsure in what context you are using it.

>May be I am a little naive, pretentious, and self satisfied in 
>that I think I can forgive and forget,

Maybe you can "forgive and forget" - but we never know until we are tested -
and even then, it doesn't mean we are able to in every instance.

>I think it goes back to the idea that we have a rebel psychology, even if 
>hidden under the ample and prudish skirts of the TSA.

Who are the "we" you are referring to here?  Since the TSA is made up of
Theosophists, it sounds like you are saying some Theosophists are "prudish"
and others have a "rebel psychology."

>In other words, we want 
>to go against the general culture and old time religions because we feel 
>justified, a little bettter than the bumkin Christians ...

Again, the "we" are?  Theosophists in general?

>I lifted my skirts a litttle.... it's your turn Kym .... 

Would love to - but, actually, I'm a little lost in what message you are
trying to convey in this post.  I have the impression that you are NOT
pleased with the vocalizing of my outrage regarding CWL and the TS - as
you've made previous similiar comments on that subject.  Does that apply here?

I would have liked to respond to your post more definitively, but I feel I
need to understand more clearly where it is you're coming from.


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