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Folk souls, group souls, and faeries

Jul 27, 1997 09:05 AM

I think it was GISELE writing:

If we think of the single individuals, the single egos, as little circles,
for external physical observation they will be separate beings.  But one
who observes these single individualities spiritually sees them as though
embedded in an etheric cloud, and this is the incorporation of the
folk-soul.  If the single person thinks, feels, and wills something, he
radiates his feelings and thoughts into the common folk-soul.  This is
colored by his radiations, and the folk-soul becomes permeated by the
thoughts and feelings of the single persons."

When I first read about these 'folk souls', I didn't think much of it.  But
since I've come on the internet, I find myself communicating most with
people who live in one particular corner of America.   Why?  

Keith:   Oh, my dear, you are really getting into some heresy here!!! :0)

You may have read Geoffrey Hodgson and others who were once tangentially very 
popular, I mean, by certain small groups within theosophy.  

The idea of human group soul is anathema to the true believers, let me tell 
you.  And if you can't guess I am NOT a true believer, only a humble seeker 
and very open-minded at this point of the the Manvantara.

Anyway, as you may know, animals have group souls, people have strictly 
individual karma (HA!).  Folk souls sound racist (to those people who are 
alway looking for it and are ready to shout racist or sexist when somenone 
doesn't agree witht THEM) in the since that we have the little folk of 
Ireland, the trolls of Germany, the nixies of Scandanavia (I may not be 
getting this right), and the Indian I mean Native American totem animals 
etc....   These represent archetypal forms solidifies and codified in folklore 
which we must do away with in the name of multi-cultutalism and come up with 
totally fictitious celebrations like Kwanza which the Aficans no nothing 

Anyway G Hodgson researched far and wide for faries, drew them (or had them 
drawn) and was on quite good terms with the spirit of the Rose Quartz, he 
tells us.  There are fire spirits (salamanders) around volcanoes doing their 
thing soulfully of course.

The eagle and the turkey are the totems for America and carry I group spirit.  
The turkey (Franklin's favorite) is so stupid it will drown itself in the 
rain, by standing open-mouthed.  I think the turkey archetype is on the 
ascendent today in America, wouldn't you say!

Anyway, I talk to faeries every chance I get :)

Keith Price

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