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Djed Clamp it

Jul 27, 1997 09:12 AM

Haha...  Yes, the cobra.  I didn't realize that the pharoahs wore a
'vulture', however, according to Steiner, the vulture symbolizes the
>>This may seem far-fetched but could this picture be a symbolic
>>representation of this (if the Egyptians associated snakes with power)?
>I understood from reading that the power represented by the snakes in the
>picture was power in the form of electrical or similar energy. Those long
>"bulbs" enclosing them look so much like glass envelopes for some sort of
>electrical tubes that it drives me up the wall! :-) 

Keith:  Yes, I thing the snakes, as symbols or RODS OF POWER, where very 
common my the Magi of old.  I intuit that these bulbs and snake like clamps 
were used to light the interior of the tombs for ceremonies of death and 
rebirth as the kingdoms must gone on after the Pharoh is gone.

All the gods were invoked and the elite took the positions to bring down the 
powers of the individual gods.  This is why the One GOd idea of Ankanaten was 
not so popular,  maybe.  It was not as fun as dressing up and perforning these 
religious/magical ceremonies.

However, there is a great web site on all this in a more serious way of 
course.  You can get to through the Art Bell site with pictures and 

Keith Price

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