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Put down that stone!

Jul 27, 1997 09:23 AM

<> writes
>And let he who is without karmic debts throw the skandha!

Old "catholic" joke:

Jesus: Whoever is without sin, let them cast the first stone.

[Pauses meaningfully to look at assembled gathering]

Jesus: Mother! Put that down!

Frying in hell,

Alan :-)

Keith:  Too funny!  But on target.  I think some people (including 
theosophists) really hold on to the idea of people being all good or all bad.  
 If we have seven levels, we have a pretty good chance of being crazy mixed up 
kids who later become adults with high class neurotic conflicts.

Blavatsky was no saint, so why should we have expected CWL to be one.  Well, I 
think he may have presented himself as one, in the sense of being the head, 
more or less, of the Liberal Catholic Church, a pope thing.

Here in Texas there is a scandal concerning a Roman Catholic preist who 
molested boys during a long career. One boy committed suicide, so there is 
nothing funny about it.  The Church heirarchy covered up for him for decades.  
The families sued the Church for over 100 million.  THe Church will appeal of 
course, it is the American way.

What CWL and others like him do can never be excused.  But we can seperate the 
man from his work even if he was very pretentious in his writings and 
dangerous in his personal life to youth.

There are hells, here on earth.  We return to them life after life, don't we.  
I like the Buddhist idea of hot and cold hells.  Let the punishment fit the 

Keith Price

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