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Re: Battle - Paper vs Cyber

Jul 27, 1997 03:02 AM
by dslusser wrote:
> Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 14:08:27 -0500
> From: M K Ramadoss <>
> To:
> Subject: Battle between paper and cyber version
> Message-ID: <>
> In the recent days, I have had the interesting experience of watching the
> current trend on the question of publications in the paper version versus
> the publication in the cyberspace.
> Two instances I am currently aware where an attempt was made to get the
> print version put on the cyberspace. In both cases those involved in the
> production of the paper version has either not willing to put it on the
> Internet or have not been very responsive to the suggestion, even though in
> real terms the potential for distribution is enormous and is likely to be
> appreciated by large numbers especially in the former East European
> countries where current economic situation is very tight, but they have
> access to Internet. 

Hey there!  If you're referring to the HCT as one of the examples -- I 
beg to differ.  If my recollection is correct, I contributed several 
uploads from back issues which were not used/posted.   In addition, I 
uploaded the listing of the contents of back issues 1986 to 1996 -- to 
which I received no response in the form of requests.  Correct me  if I 
am wrong.  I have my hands full getting the HCT out every month on 
schedule, but I can find time to post back issues by request.

Eldon Tucker has offered to help  me set up a Web Page for the HCT -- 
and this I haven't had time for as yet.  I'm willing -- so where do we 
go from here?  

I'd be delighted to send the HCT to my overseas subscribers via e-mail  
Yesterday I sent 13 copies of the july issue by first class Airmail to 
subscribers in Australia, England, Wales, Germany, France, Netherlands, 
Belgium, Costa Rica & Philippines --mostly at my own out of pocket 
expense.  The postage ran from $1.09 to $1.55 per copy.  This was in 
addition to about 87 copies at 2nd class for $21

Any help in making it happen will be appreciated.  dslusser --ed HCT

While the paper publishers have valid economic reasons,
> it is interesting to watch the above instances.
> One of the questions that is going to arise is how future publishers are
> going to handle the Internet phenomenon where there is not much of current
> opportunities to make money like selling copies of hard copy publication.

Making money ???????  The HCT has never broken even $$ wise.  It is my 
contribution to the movement.  The $9 subscription price barely covers 
the cost of printing and postage to the individual subscriber.  Nearly 
half of the subscriptions are free-gratis.

Like David Keene, I support this effort on a retirement income.

> But on the other hand, the speed with which Internet is expanding is mind
> boggling and there is no end in sight.
> So this seems to present an unique opportunity for non copyright materials
> having a good chance of distribution via Internet. Most of the Theosophical
> Classics fall in this category. Already TUP and others have made some of the
> classics available on the net. I see soon all classics being available on
> the net. On the other hand this may kill the publishing industry which had
> good sales of these classics.
> Another thought occurs to me. Is it possible that when HPB and others took
> great trouble in producing the classics in long hand, those Powers behind
> her foresaw the coming of Internet and timed the classics in such a way that
> the copyright expired when the time was ripe for Internet to grow and have
> an impact on the world. Who can tell.
> .........doss

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