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Re: Egyptian 'djed'

Jul 27, 1997 02:10 AM
by Gisele

Hi Lynn!

Thanks for the help... and sorry about your ISP problems.

>> From what I've been able to obtain from Steiner [Egyptian Myths and
>>Mysteries] is that the Uraeus on the forehead of the Kings represented
>>power.  The power that each king obtained was portions of the 'folk soul'
>>which he was able to take into himself after extinguishing part of his
>>astral and etheric bodies.
>Eeek! This sounds almost like a form of "occult cannibalism". :-)   Now, by
>Uraeus, do you mean the cobra and vulture worn by the pharoahs?

Haha...  Yes, the cobra.  I didn't realize that the pharoahs wore a
'vulture', however, according to Steiner, the vulture symbolizes the
>>This may seem far-fetched but could this picture be a symbolic
>>representation of this (if the Egyptians associated snakes with power)?
>I understood from reading that the power represented by the snakes in the
>picture was power in the form of electrical or similar energy. Those long
>"bulbs" enclosing them look so much like glass envelopes for some sort of
>electrical tubes that it drives me up the wall! :-) 

It's driving me up a wall too.  You just can't go pick up a book and read
about it either. :-)

>Personally, I do believe that electro-magnetic energy is a physical
>correspondence to an occult law of attraction with a possible transition
>zone between the inner and outer planes as lying in the realm of quantum
>mechanics or quantum electrodynamics. Wow, I hope that didn't sound like
>mere babbling. :-)

What was that again? :-)
>>Are you or anyone else familiar with 'folk souls' (apparantly a real
>>etheric form)?
>This is the first time I've heard of the term. I'm intrigued! Could you
>tell us more about them?

I was hoping you could tell me; I'm the newcomer here. :-)  However, I can
write out what I have on it.... let's see ... 'folk music'...oh, yes...
here we go - 'folk souls'.  According to Steiner (from Egyptian Myths and

"If we think of the single individuals, the single egos, as little circles,
for external physical observation they will be separate beings.  But one
who observes these single individualities spiritually sees them as though
embedded in an etheric cloud, and this is the incorporation of the
folk-soul.  If the single person thinks, feels, and wills something, he
radiates his feelings and thoughts into the common folk-soul.  This is
colored by his radiations, and the folk-soul becomes permeated by the
thoughts and feelings of the single persons."

When I first read about these 'folk souls', I didn't think much of it.  But
since I've come on the internet, I find myself communicating most with
people who live in one particular corner of America.   Why?  

> Incidently the
>>word in Japanese for tower is 'to' and the hieroglyphic symbols seems to
>>represent a similar phonetic value.  Sometimes two of these are shown in a
>>row as if to make the word, 'toto' which I've seen mentioned in regards to
>>Mantavaras.  (I knew I'd get back to Theosophy sooner or later) :-)
>"To" or "Toto" is also intriguingly close to "totem" poles, also depicted
>as towers. But I may be coming up with a mere coincidence here. :-) 

Very good!!!  I hadn't thought of that.  Thank-you.  I've gathered (from
Steiner again) that the Egyptians saw themselves as being judged by their
42 ancestors and for this reason, they felt that they had to improve on
whatever had been passed down to them.  Therefore, ancestors were very
important to them as well as were the ancestors of the native  Americans.

>Off the
>top of my head, I don't know of a specific correspondence between the
>number four and anything dealing with electricity except as perhaps
>alternating positive and negative plates within a battery. 

I know absolutely nothing about batteries, but something about what you
said feels 'right' to me.  (Maybe it has something to do with all those
mornings I woke up thinking about Egypt).  Now what would be required is a
connection between batteries and inheritance because this 'djed pillar'
seems to appear in two different contexes.  Not an easy task - but!  I
suspect that the answer lies again in Steiner's book:

"It would be his [an Egyptian's] particular concern that the folk soul
should become as strong as possible, rich in good forces, and that it
should not be diminished.  The Egyptian initiates could not reckon with
what man possessed through blood-relationship.  But what the forefathers
had accumulated as spiritual riches, was to become the property of the
individual soul.... he had to continue working on what his fathers had

Could energy and spiritual riches have an analogical relationship with the
Egyptians?  (although I have no idea if spiritual riches were or can be
'passed down')

>You've brought up some fascinating food for
>thought, Gisele! I love chatting with you!

Thank-you!  I finally feel like I'm making some progress (and we'll talk
about astrology some day.  That's another fascinating topic.) :-)


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