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Re: Atlantis and other "weird" stuff ... oooooooooooh scarry kids!

Jul 24, 1997 01:35 AM
by Mark Kusek

Hi Giselle!

> Graham Hancock wrote 'Fingerprints of the Gods'. (After
> being on several mailing lists whose subscribers hold him as a type of
> 'god', I wasn't sure if you were serious or not when you asked that
> question.) :-)

Wow! Another 'god' I didn't know about! How come nobody ever writes
"Toothpicks of the Gods?" It's like reincarnationists who were all
Napolean in their past lives. How come nobody ever admits to being an
Atlantean weasel farmer?

> Hancock connects Osiris with Orion, however Steiner connects him with the
> moon.

What I challenge theosophists to find is the connection between Osiris
and Bette Midler.

>> I'd add Plato, Blavatsky, N. Roerich, A.P. Sinnett,
>> G. de Purucker, W. Scott Elliot, CWL, Manly P. Hall, A.E. Powell, A. A.
>> Bailey, C. Berlitz, I. Donnelly, E. Churchward,and Geoffrey Ashe among
>> others. How many more would you like?

> Which ones of the above obtained the information directly from the akashic
> records or independently?   These are the authors that I've been looking
> for and this is my way of trying to maintain a steady keel on a difficult
> topic.  I have 'The Abridgement to the Secret Doctine, and have read Plato,
> Berlitz, Donnelly ...

I don't know how "steady a keel" any of this Atlantis stuff really is.
Blavatsky, Roerich, Bailey, Churchward, and by association de Purucker,
Scott Elliot, and CWL all probably claimed such direct but
"questionable" sources. I know the "Legend of Altazar" was a "reputedly
akashic" tale, but how would you go about proving it?

> Haha... it has to do with spending 10 or 15 years checking out and
> comparing psychic information.

I once did a hypnotic regression with a group of people I had never met
before. It was supposed to be a research investigation of Atlantis. This
was my experience: I saw myself on a long beach with a high cliff and a
temple complex up above it. I actually felt myself walking in the sand!
We all (it seemed we were familiar with one another), were students
either living or working at the temple. I saw rooms where lots of
different crystal research was going on and what seemed like scientific
experiments based on geometry. At one point the instructors gave us each
a small, smooth white "stone" on a cord that we were to wear around our
necks. It was supposed to be placed in the mouth or swallowed in the
event that the "transition" happened and we were still caught on the
island. There was a general air of expectancy and much preparation for
preservation of the temple's treasures. The stone necklaces were
apparently to aid us in leaving our bodies and to help us "make the
journey" directly to a place on higher planes where we could regroup and
be safe.  (When I think about it now, it reminds me so much of "Heaven's
Gate" that it makes the skin on the back of my neck crawl. But this was
years ago. Before I'd heard of Jonestown or any other cult suicides, and
at the time didnt feel scary at all. It actually felt like a caring and
protective gesture from the teachers meant both to prevent us from
suffering and to insure our safe arrival.) The impression I got at the
time was that this was some kind of an occult prescription to help us
safely transit to the "inner equivalant" of the temple where we could
continue to carry on our work. It was assumed that we might die. It was
almost as if we had volunteered to stay on as long as we could to help.
There was so much to be done. I remember seeing lots of people with
these necklaces on.

When we were brought out of hypnosis, we were asked to silently write
down our experiences and not to discuss them with anyone. They were
collected and reviewed by the facilitator. To my astonishment, several
other people had either written about or drew pictures of these necklace
stones and had similar impressions about them. Quite odd! I had never
met any of these people before!

> Btw, do you know if there's any truth to the rumour that
> new ruins have been discovered near Bimini?

I only know of the Bimini information by way of Cayce, although I did
see mentioned some evidence of a claimed discovery off Bimini on the web
recently. It was from someone who posted to this list with a link to a
bunch of Atlantis related stuff. I don't recall exactly who it was.
Maybe someone else here remembers.

I know I'm feeling a little punky tonight, I apologize.


P.S. It's not who you were or what you might have done, 
     it's what are you going to do now?
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