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Re: Atlantis and other "weird" stuff ...

Jul 24, 1997 09:55 AM
by Gisele

Hi Mark!

>> Graham Hancock wrote 'Fingerprints of the Gods'. (After
>> being on several mailing lists whose subscribers hold him as a type of
>> 'god', I wasn't sure if you were serious or not when you asked that
>> question.) :-)
>Wow! Another 'god' I didn't know about! How come nobody ever writes
>"Toothpicks of the Gods?" It's like reincarnationists who were all
>Napolean in their past lives. How come nobody ever admits to being an
>Atlantean weasel farmer?

To tell you the truth, after looking at one of Hancock's photographs of the
Sphinx, I thought he should have named his book 'Footprints of the Gods'
because I can see a distinct 'footprint' shape where I expect that the
Sphinx's wing was.

Perhaps because they didn't have weasels on Atlantis? :-)
>> Hancock connects Osiris with Orion, however Steiner connects him with the
>> moon.
>What I challenge theosophists to find is the connection between Osiris
>and Bette Midler.

It can be done!  Bette Midler sang about 'love' and 'Horus', the son of
Osiris became the symbol for the human heart. :-)

>I don't know how "steady a keel" any of this Atlantis stuff really is.
>Blavatsky, Roerich, Bailey, Churchward, and by association de Purucker,
>Scott Elliot, and CWL all probably claimed such direct but
>"questionable" sources. I know the "Legend of Altazar" was a "reputedly
>akashic" tale, but how would you go about proving it?

Well, the way I see it - the ones who obtained their information
independently and are in agreement must be correct.  Would you disagree?

Thank-you for describing your experience with regression.  Regarding this

 >At one point the instructors gave us each
>a small, smooth white "stone" on a cord that we were to wear around our
>necks. It was supposed to be placed in the mouth or swallowed in the
>event that the "transition" happened and we were still caught on the

I've heard the name 'keepers of the white stone' mentioned before by Cayce
in regards to Atlantis and I believe that there's a word in the Nahuatl
language that is 'uaxactun' which I believe can be translated to be 'lord
white stone'.  Have you ever  followed up on any of these?

>P.S. It's not who you were or what you might have done, 
>     it's what are you going to do now?

I don't know if I've been researching Atlantis for my own benefit.  I
already believe that it existed.  I am deeply troubled about an incorrect
(in my opinion) view of history for one thing and also when I see others
going to, what I consider to be, innaccurate sources for information.  I
just unsubscribed from another mailing list last night and this is the
'gist' of one of the postings on it:  "Then end of the world is coming and
nobody cares!"  Well, this person had chosen to accept one of Nostradamus'
quatrains literally (or someone's interpretation of it) about the end of
the world and was very agitated.  What does a person do?


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