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Re: Atlantis and other "weird" stuff ...

Jul 25, 1997 01:14 AM
by Mark Kusek

Hi Giselle,

> Perhaps because they didn't have weasels on Atlantis? :-)

"Weasel! Weasel!"

>> I don't know how "steady a keel" any of this Atlantis stuff really is.
>> Blavatsky, Roerich, Bailey, Churchward, and by association de Purucker,
>> Scott Elliot, and CWL all probably claimed such direct but
>> "questionable" sources. I know the "Legend of Altazar" was a "reputedly
>> akashic" tale, but how would you go about proving it?

> Well, the way I see it - the ones who obtained their information
> independently and are in agreement must be correct.  Would you disagree?

I would note the agreement with fascination, but couldn't honestly
conclude that the information was correct. However, I do find the whole
subject extremely interesting. 

> I've heard the name 'keepers of the white stone' mentioned before by Cayce
> in regards to Atlantis and I believe that there's a word in the Nahuatl
> language that is 'uaxactun' which I believe can be translated to be 'lord
> white stone'.  Have you ever followed up on any of these?

No, I wasn't aware of either of these. What did Cayce have to say about
the "keepers?'

> I don't know if I've been researching Atlantis for my own benefit.  I
> already believe that it existed.  I am deeply troubled about an incorrect
> (in my opinion) view of history for one thing and also when I see others
> going to, what I consider to be, innaccurate sources for information.

Even with hard physical evidence our understanding of history is always
relative and incomplete. How do you define "correctness" of view or
"accurate" sources of information, especially with regard to deep
history? Historical studies all have their own fontiers of the unknown.
They blend imperceptibly into the mythic. The older I get the more
comfortable I am living with what is not known. I'm not saying we
shouldn't continually try to discover history, but realize that with
each discovery come more questions and a shifting of the boundary of the
known/unknown. History is a social construct.

> I just unsubscribed from another mailing list last night and this is the
> 'gist' of one of the postings on it:  "Then end of the world is coming and
> nobody cares!"  Well, this person had chosen to accept one of Nostradamus'
> quatrains literally (or someone's interpretation of it) about the end of
> the world and was very agitated.  

There are lots of people like that, especially now that the millenium is
upon us. They are encountering their own fear. They are feeling

> What does a person do?

Loving kindness. Compassion. Wisdom.

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