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Re: Egyptian 'djed'

Jul 24, 1997 00:05 AM
by Gisele

Thank-you very much, Lynn for your interesting observations regarding the
objects being supported by that 'djed' figure.  I passed your comments on
to Michael Mandeville (which he was pleased to receive).  He asked if you
were interested in doing a 'circuit analysis' (which, if you were willing,
he would add to that page).   I don't know what would be involved in doing
this, but don't feel obligated because I know I kind of nudged you to go
see his collection (seeing that you found so much symbolism in the owl). :-)

 From what I've been able to obtain from Steiner [Egyptian Myths and
Mysteries] is that the Uraeus on the forehead of the Kings represented
power.  The power that each king obtained was portions of the 'folk soul'
which he was able to take into himself after extinguishing part of his
astral and etheric bodies.

This may seem far-fetched but could this picture be a symbolic
representation of this (if the Egyptians associated snakes with power)?
Are you or anyone else familiar with 'folk souls' (apparantly a real
etheric form)?  Do the 4 layers on the 'djed' mean anything to you in
regards to this kind of power or even power like electricity?  Is there any
significance to the number of layers to Eastern towers?  Incidently the
word in Japanese for tower is 'to' and the hieroglyphic symbols seems to
represent a similar phonetic value.  Sometimes two of these are shown in a
row as if to make the word, 'toto' which I've seen mentioned in regards to
Mantavaras.  (I knew I'd get back to Theosophy sooner or later) :-)


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