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Inner vs Outer

Jul 26, 1997 06:50 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Please remember that Cayce explicitly says the akashic records
>are not some absolute storehouse of truth in some objective
>location somewhere.  He says quite clearly that they are *in
>the persons* for whom he does the readings.  It's their minds
>and souls he's reading, not some objectively accurate source of

Paul, I know what you mean here, but pray tell me what is the
difference between a thing that is "in the mind" (ie., inner or
subjective) and a thing that exists on the mental plane (i.e.,
outer or objective but on an inner plane)?

To read the askashic records in a person's mind or on the
mental plane is only a difference in semantics. Both imply
the same thing, at least to me.

Jerry S.
Member TI

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