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Re: Folk souls, group souls, and faeries

Jul 27, 1997 05:14 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, JOSEPH PRICE
<> writes
>The idea of human group soul is anathema to the true believers, let me tell 

It may be anathema to some, but there could be more to it than the
simplistic idea of absorption back into it at death.  In my view (and
experience) there is a strong case for all of us being permanently
connected, both in [physical] life and in so-called death.

IOW, the human group soul is something we share *right now* and all of
the time.  So when [reportedly] Jesus said that inasmuch as we do
something to someone else we do it also to him, he was stating a plain
esoteric fact, and not some fanciful "mystery" to be reserved for the
knowledge of trained clerics.


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