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Re: Manvantaras and Yugas

Jul 24, 1997 05:30 AM
by ramadoss

At 02:36 AM 7/24/97 -0400, Titus Roth wrote:

>1) On major decisions I try to still my impulsive side and let guidance come
>to me or let things prove themselves to me. If I wait three days, the play of
>my lesser desires becomes more clear and I can often times discern if I am
>acting out of an egotistical or selfish desire; or out of a selfless desire.
>Selfless actions eventually seem to "attract" cooperation (as well as some
>initial resistance).

I do use a somewhat similar technique. On major decisions even after making
up my mind, I will wait overnight to finalize it unless there is a great

On the other hand, I have seen some critical decisions I have taken were
done based on the first thought and immediate action followed without all
the logical analysis. These have proven to be correct decisions.

Just add my 2 cents.


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