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Re: ts-l - the verdict

Jul 24, 1997 05:35 AM
by Tom Robertson

Kym wrote, unbelievably:

>Tom wrote:

>> >[ Kym ] Well, Tom????  Did you ever receive an answer to your
>> >question (re: CWL) from the moderator of ts-l?

>> She said that if the truth were known about CWL, the foundation of the
>> TS as a truth-seeking organization would collapse, so it is strictly
>> off-limits.

>Are you serious?  What she said is an oxymoron!  

You're so smart!

>What Joan said doesn't make any sense.  Are you just jesting - trying to
>get me, and perhaps others, all shook up or something?

It was what you wanted to hear, and you're still complaining!  WOMEN!!

She said she'd get back to me on it, and I haven't heard from her.
They are having a convention, so she's busy.  Is that better?

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