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Re: ts-l - the verdict

Jul 25, 1997 04:21 PM
by A. Safron

> From:
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Re: ts-l - the verdict 
> Date: Thursday, July 24, 1997 1:59 AM
> Tom wrote:
> > >[ Kym ] Well, Tom????  Did you ever receive an answer to your
> > question (re: CWL)
> > >from the moderator of ts-l?
> >
> > She said that if the truth were known about CWL, the foundation of the
> >
> > TS as a truth-seeking organization would collapse, so it is strictly
> > off-limits.
> Are you serious?  What she said is an oxymoron!  How can one claim to be
> a truth-seeking organization and then defend the hiding of a truth?  How
> would the truth about CWL collapse the foundation of the TS?  Surely
> it's more stable than that - and that makes the accusations against CWL
> sound like they've been acknowledged by the "higher-ups" in the TS.
> What Joan said doesn't make any sense.  Are you just jesting - trying to
> get me, and perhaps others, all shook up or something?
> Kym

Many people over the  years have been aware of CWL's problem,
as well as his sometimes good and sometimes bad clairvoyance.
Sometimes the Masters pick someone who is the best person around,
not the best person.  They make do.  

If the TS made a public and continual display of CWL, it would be
ludicrous.  He was, with all his good traits and foibles, someone
who has to be ACCEPTED.  Not necessarily believed in all things,
but accepted as a HUMAN BEING, just as many other fallible
Theosophists must be accepted. 

How about we take an honest look at the guy and move on.
After all, his personality served it's role in the drama of
the 1920's and he became a memory of Soul.  It would be
interesting to here how the Soul views the way it sees the
life of CWL.  It would be interesting to be see how any of
our Souls view us when we pass on.

A. Safron

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